Case Studies

Natural Fertility – No IVF Needed

A 39 year old woman came to us for help with fertility concurrent with plans to begin IVF. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for four years, but she had experienced two miscarriages at 7 and 9 weeks respectively. At the time of her initial consultation, she was in the ovulation tracking phase of IVF. Her AMH levels were good, and all of her tests were normal, though her husband had poor sperm morphology. She was experiencing some anxiety as a result of her experiences. We began weekly treatments for both her and her husband using acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbs. He was treated for sperm morphology, and she was treated to improve circulation to the uterus and strengthen her body’s ability to hold a pregnancy. She fell pregnant naturally within a few weeks of beginning treatment–without the use of IVF. We treated her weekly through her first trimester. She is now in the early days of her second trimester and scans are showing a healthy baby.

Natural Fertility – Mystifying the Doctors

A 34 year old mother of two came to us after trying to conceive a third child for 6 months. She had used the contraceptive pill for 2 years after giving birth to her second child, and her periods had not resumed to a normal schedule after discontinuing its use. She had used IVF assistance for ovulation induction and been able to fall pregnant, but she had miscarried three times, each at 4 weeks. We treated her weekly to restore her period and promote fertility. After 5 weeks of treatment, her period resumed. She decided to begin IVF and continued with weekly acupuncture treatment. Two months into her treatment, she took the pill for 10 days to prepare for IVF. When her period did not come at the end of the 10 days, she discovered that she had fallen pregnant naturally. She experienced some spotting at 7-8 weeks gestation which stopped after 2 weeks. Scans have shown a normal and healthy pregnancy to date. She is now in her second trimester. Specialists are still surprised as they did not think that she would be able to fall pregnant naturally due to her very irregular period.

Ending Sciatic Pain

A 63 year old woman with Type 2 diabetes came to us with severe sciatic pain affecting her right leg. The pain started after a bad fall 6 months ago and was worse at night. It disturbed her sleep, and as a result, she was becoming quite tired. She was unable to cross her legs and was developing a limp. She was treated twice a week with acupuncture and moxibustion. After three treatments, she was able to walk many kilometers without any discomfort and had returned to the gym. After four treatments, the pain was gone completely. She came for one more treatment and then discontinued as she lives overseas.

Hypothyroid and high cholesterol

A 56 year old woman came to us with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, as well as weight gain as a result of hypothyroidism. Her appetite was very strong due to the large amount of heat created by her condition. With treatment, her appetite lessens for about a week and then becomes strong again. Over the course of four months, her cholesterol, blood pressure, and thyroid levels have all improved. We recommend continued treatment to further stabilize her condition and maintain the good results we have achieved so far.

Endometriosis isn’t the end to your fertility

A 36 year old woman with a history of stage 2-3 endometriosis came to us for natural fertility treatment after trying to conceive for close to 2 years. She had consulted an IVF specialist, and all tests came back with normal results. We commenced treatment with acupuncture, herbs, and moxibustion to improve and normalize her blood circulation, especially to her uterus. Within one month of treatment, she had fallen pregnant naturally. We continued to treat her to preserve the pregnancy, but the fetus was not viable, and she miscarried at 9 weeks. She continued to come for treatment, and in three months’ time, she fell pregnant again. This time, her body and the baby were stronger, and she was able to carry the baby to term. She and her partner decided to try for a second child, and 10 months after her first child was born, she conceived again. She continued treatment through her second pregnancy and gave birth to another healthy child.

Sciatica, Moxibustion, and Ear Acupuncture – Lifting the fog of pain

A 17 year old male came to us 6 months after a major dirt bike accident that resulted in a right side hip fracture and damage to the sciatic nerve. He had surgically implanted pins in his hip to stabilize it. He was in severe pain and highly medicated as a result. The pain medication interfered with his ability to focus and left him in a fog. He was very sensitive to treatment due to the nature of the injury. We found that twice a week treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion greatly lessened his pain and enabled him to be more active. On his sixth treatment, we added auricular points (outer ear) for the sciatic region and left ear seeds on the sensitive points corresponding to that area. He found that while the ear seeds were on the points, he had no pain! The pain resumed again when they fell out. We continued to treat him with that combination for 5 months. After that time, he was able to discontinue the pain medication. We have continued to treat him for secondary pain in his back and neck as well as for hip pain when it reoccurs. It has been a full year since he commenced treatment and he now only comes as necessary.

Arthritis relief

A woman in her late 40’s came to us with joint pain in her fingers, wrists, and toes, and high stress levels. A few weeks into treatment, she was diagnosed by a medical doctor with psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune condition that affects the skin and joints. She was placed on medication and has also been receiving acupuncture treatment for the joint swelling and pain for 6 months. Acupuncture treatment is focused on rectifying the underlying condition as well as abating her symptoms. Over the course of treatment, her joints have become significantly less hot, swollen, and tender. The combination of medication and acupuncture appears to be working for her, and she has been able to space her appointments out from weekly to fortnightly or longer without reoccurrence of swelling.

Ending frequent miscarriages and getting the baby you want

A 32 year old mother-of-one came to us for help after having a large number of miscarriages in close succession. She had no problem falling pregnant, but at the time of the initial consult, she had experienced 5 miscarriages in the past year alone with others in the year previous. There was no known reason for this problem. We treated her weekly with acupuncture, herbs, and moxibustion to strengthen her body’s ability to hold a pregnancy. We advised that she receive treatment for three months before attempting to fall pregnant again as this is the normal time it takes to create a good egg; however, she fell pregnant within the first two weeks of acupuncture treatment. She came weekly for treatment during her first trimester, and we focused heavily on maintaining her pregnancy. Treatment was successful, and she is now approaching her third trimester without any complications.

Achoo! Stopping childhood allergies

A 10 year old child came to us with severe allergies to dust causing a chronic blocked nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes. He also generally felt very cold, which exacerbated his allergic symptoms. He often woke up at night with a hot and dry throat and used ice or cold drinks to alleviate it. We treated him weekly for 8 weeks and supplemented between treatments with herbs to alleviate his symptoms. We coached him to stop all cold drinks. After 8 weeks, his blocked nose and sneezing had improved enough to move his treatments to fortnightly. He also did not feel nearly as cold. He will continue treatment into the coming months with the plan of getting off allergy medication as his condition improves.

Turning a breech baby: Moxa works a charm!

A woman in her late 30′s came to us at 34 weeks gestation for help in turning her baby. The baby had been in breech presentation the entire pregnancy. Her pregnancy was otherwise healthy and uneventful. After two acupuncture treatments and just over a week of moxibustion homework on BL 67 and SP 6, the baby turned head down. After that time, we were able to commence our normal pre-labour preparation treatments. She was able to give birth vaginally.

Vaginal breech birth – It can still be done!

A 40 year old woman came to us at almost 38 weeks gestation for assistance in turning her breech baby. At 39 weeks, the baby still had not turned, so we increased the amount of time she was using the moxa stick at home and continued with labour preparation treatment using acupuncture and moxibustion. The baby still did not turn. She still planned for a vaginal birth and was very lucky to have an older OB doctor who was well trained in delivering breech babies. He planned to induce her if necessary, but at 40 weeks and after only 3 treatments, she went into labour naturally. She gave birth vaginally without complications.

Liver problems

A long time patient came in recently after a routine blood test showed elevated liver enzymes and blood iron levels. He had recently completed a course of strong antibiotics for a bone infection, and the medication had adversely affected his liver. He received treatment twice a week for 6 weeks, after which time, repeat testing showed that his liver levels had come down. He lives overseas and was able to return home at that time.

Managing teenage depression and anxiety

This past autumn, we began treatment with a 16 year old girl with suicidal depression and anxiety brought on by bullying at school. Secondary symptoms included poor energy, stomach aches, diarrhea, tight back, very heavy menses with severe PMT, palpitations, and bloody noses. Her doctors have had her on depression and anxiety medication along with the contraceptive pill to regulate her menses and Ritalin to improve her concentration. She varied between outbursts of anger and not communicating her emotions. After a course of twice weekly treatment for a few months, she has found some lessening of her symptoms along with more energy for exercising. She has been allowed to attend school again and is reintegrating with her friends. She continues to have bouts of intense anxiety, but it is becoming more manageable. Regular maintenance treatment has been advised to prevent relapses and continue to improve her condition.

Kicking the anxiety cycles

A man in his late 30’s came to us seeking help with severe anxiety that had been present for the past 5 years. He was regularly having panic attacks that manifested as a sense of overwhelm and were accompanied by pain in the stomach and groin. He was often cold and fatigued. His initial treatments focused on building his internal reserves and resilience as his job demanded a lot of energy and was very depleting. Many of his panic attacks were occurring when he was able to stop and relax. He found that the acupuncture and herbs lessened the frequency of the panic attacks but the anxiety was not completely going away. We changed our treatment slightly to further address the heat stuck in the chest causing the anxiety, and he has found a much greater result. He was able to shift from weekly to twice monthly treatment. He experiences minor relapses of anxiety but overall is stable between treatments. He also does not feel the cold as much. We have suggested a monthly maintenance course of acupuncture treatment in order to continue this progress.