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Speed Up Recovery with our Sports Therapy Acupuncture at our Bondi Junction Clinic

Have you ever considered acupuncture to aid with your recovery from a sports injury? Eastern Therapies offers sports therapy acupuncture at our Bondi clinic, helping professional athletes and casual sports players better recover from injuries.

The goal of our acupuncturists and traditional medicine practitioners is to optimise your healing potential and have you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Contact us to see whether acupuncture could be an appropriate treatment for your sports injury, or to go ahead with booking an appointment.

How sports therapy acupuncture may be able to help

The sports acupuncture at our Bondi clinic takes a holistic approach to healing, accessing your own ability to heal and restoring the body’s natural state of balance in that way. We also use a herb called moxa, which is applied to the body with a function similar to “ICE” treatments. This herb removes inflammation and fluid from the tissues, thereby promoting the healing process and quickening the recovery time.

Sports therapy acupuncture works by inserting needles into specific acupuncture points, releasing the body’s natural painkiller: endorphins. Targeting the source of the pain also helps to decrease inflammation, increase your range of motion, and boost the immune system. In the past, our treatments have helped with:

  • Plantar fasciitis: acupuncture can help those suffering with plantar fasciitis to walk, run or stand without pain again
  • Sprained ankle: Our treatments address fluid and inflammation for those with a sprained ankle
  • Tennis elbow: Our treatments address pain and inflammation 
  • Strained back and pulled muscles: Studies have shown that acupuncture can reduce certain types of back pain by at least 50%
  • Slipped disc: Acupuncture can help to reduce pain and speed up the recovery time for those suffering from a slipped disc
  • Frozen shoulder: Frozen shoulders can be debilitating and take many months of recovery. Acupuncture can help to speed up this recovery, increasing your range of movement
  • Sciatica: Acupuncture assists to release the muscles surrounding the nerves, easing the discomfort and pain caused by sciatica
  • RSI: Physical activities that require repetitive wrist movements can result in RSI. In addition to athletes, Eastern Therapies have helped to alleviate the pain of RSI for musicians, artists and office workers as well.

For more information on our sports injury acupuncture in Bondi, contact Eastern Therapies to see if we can help.


Other services offered by Eastern Therapies

In addition to sports therapy acupuncture, Bondi locals can also benefit from our women’s health services, facial rejuvenation, IVF support and infertility treatments. To devise a personalised treatment plan or book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Eastern Therapies.

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