Acupuncture Treatment for Vision Improvement

Do you suffer from loss of vision loss, dry eyes or headaches from tired or strained eyes? Talk to Eastern Therapies Clinic about how our acupuncture treatment stabilise the eyes when there is  vision loss, eye strain. Early treatment with acupuncture may reduce inflammation caused by cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and blepharitis. Houng our director has studied with re-knowned acupuncturist Dr Andy Rosenfarb USA and utilises his protocols 


Eyes Are the Window to Good Health

In traditional Eastern medicine, eyes play a central role in diagnosing the overall health of a person. Many illnesses, like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are evident in the condition of the eyes, and these are often associated with vision loss, glaucoma and other forms of deteriorating eyesight.

This connection between your eyesight and overall health is our focus at Eastern Therapies Clinic, where we offer a wholistic assessment of what underlying conditions, if any, might be causing your loss of vision, and what treatments can be used to improve it.

How does acupuncture improve vision?

Acupuncture works on the principle that all the body’s organs and tissues are connected by a series of meridians (energy pathways), and the health of these pathways is essential to the health of the body as a whole. When one or more of these pathways gets blocked, due to an underlying illness and/or environmental factors, this impacts the organs connected to that pathway.

In Eastern medicine, we often look to the condition of the liver as an indication of what is causing a loss of or blurry vision, as the liver and the eyes are on the same meridian. Acupuncture treatment for vision loss focuses on opening up the liver meridian, improving the health of the liver in turn reducing inflammation. 

As good blood flow is essential to good vision, we also focus on promoting circulation in the areas around the eyes. Acupuncture points around the eyes include the point on the forehead between your brows, the space between the eyes and the bridge of the nose, the nostrils, and the hollows at the side of the eyes.

Acupuncture for improved vision can work on the optic nerves, helping to regenerate and reinstate the nerves to their optimal function. Prior to treatment, our experienced practitioners will make a detailed assessment of your eyesight and overall health to determine where to focus your acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture for Eyesight & General Health & Wellbeing

You don’t need to have a severe or chronic eye condition to benefit from acupuncture. You may be suffering blurry vision or vision loss from stress, overwork or strain on the eyes. A course of acupuncture treatments can alleviate these symptoms and boost visual acuity overall.

And it won’t just be your sight that’s improved! Acupuncture has the added benefit of improving your general health and wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety and giving you that extra vitality you need to get through your day.

Talk to Eastern Therapies Clinic about how acupuncture for eyesight might work for you. Call us on 0400 331 321 or book an appointment via the button below.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that results for clients may vary. The work I do is never in isolation; it is always a team effort which includes that clients work on their lifestyle choices, along with my treatment.

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