Labour TENS Machine Hire

The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine is a natural pain relief solution that is becoming increasingly popular among expecting women. As specialists in women’s health and fertility, Eastern Therapies are pleased to offer labour TENS machine hire throughout Sydney.

A maternity-specific TENS machine is essentially a handheld battery powered controller, connected to four flat pads. These pads are coated in a firm gel, and placed on your back. The TENS machine sends small pulses of electrical current to the back, providing a pleasant tingling or buzzing sensation. The intensity of this sensation can be controlled with the handheld device, which you can also strap onto your clothing or wear on a lanyard.

Many women find the TENS machine to be most effective in the early stages of labour. You can also boost the TENS machine to help you get through your most intense contractions.

Enquire about our labour TENS machine hire to see if it could be a suitable option for you as you approach your due date.


The effects of a labour TENS machine

It is thought that TENS machines are effective during labour because:

  • The pulses prevent pain signals from reaching your brain
  • The pulses stimulate your body to produce endorphins
  • The machine allows you to feel in control and less anxious
  • The machine acts as a distraction from your painful contractions

Women also find TENS machines convenient to use as they can keep moving around while using it, and will find that it doesn’t interfere with their labour at all. There are also no lasting side effects, and it is completely safe for you and your baby. No medical professionals need to be around to help you use it, meaning it can also be suitable for use during a home birth. The portable and non-invasive device is also incredibly easy to use, giving you one less thing to worry about during your labour.

When it comes to labour TENS machine hire from our Bondi Junction clinic, we suggest a hiring period of four-six weeks to give you the flexibility you need. You may use the device from 36 weeks onwards in order to stimulate the acupressure points to assist with promoting labour, please consult us on how to apply it in this manner.

Get Your TENS Now

We can post the TENS to your address. Please inform us of your address during checkout.

Collect at our clinic – Purchase online for $120 ( includes $50 deposit refundable when machine is returned )

Express Delivery to your address for $140  ( includes postage and $50 deposit refundable when machine is returned )

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