This full moon will be guiding us to stand our ground and for our inner voice to speak out. It is the first of 3 eclipses, and there are like a heightened Full Moon.


We may have thought we were going one way, but often an Eclipse comes along to reveal a whole new path. In this Sagittarius Full Moon, we are likely going to find ourselves clearing thoughts, beliefs and ideas to prepare for this new journey. Mars is very active in this Full Moon, and as the warrior will play into the idea of finding our inner warrior and our inner flame, allowing us to shine. Emotions may be heated and we need to listen to ourselves, to our anger and frustration for there is wisdom to be gained. To understand the truth behind them, we are able to see what is underneath the surface to find what emotional triggers we have.


To listen and find the power of what they are saying and understand them and discover what they really mean. We will learn things about ourselves and open to a new truth of ourselves. It is not just love and light that teach us, but the great lessons in life come from adversity, then we can let them go.


What ignites you? What gets you mad and angry? What fires you up is a clue to your power and purpose.


We may enter this gateway feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unsure, but we will leave it with a clearer knowing, a stronger sense of our destiny, and more connected to our personal power.


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