Laser Therapy for Smoking

Quitting Smoking Has Never Been Easier, with Bondi Acupuncture’s Laser Therapy


Are you eager to finally quit smoking for good? Maybe you’ve tried before but the nicotine cravings got too much. While you might never have even heard of laser acupuncture as a method for quitting smoking before (let alone considered it as something that could actually work), this treatment can be highly useful in giving up cigarettes for good.

Not only is laser acupuncture reported to deliver an 84% success rate among participants looking to quit smoking in recent years, but it’s also:

  • a non-invasive and non-thermal treatment
  • free of drugs or other kinds of medication
  • free of hypnotherapy/hypnosis

At Bondi Acupuncture, we don’t even use acupuncture needles for our quit smoking laser therapy. Our results-driven approach has been successful in minimising our patients’ withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to overcome habitual smoking of tobacco products.


How does laser treatment for smoking work?


Our Bondi Junction clinic is equipped with highly advanced low-level light laser technology that allows us to stimulate nerve endings and release endorphins – just like acupuncture does, but without the needles.

These endorphins help combat nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms, by replacing the high levels of endorphins that are lost when a smoker suddenly stops inhaling tobacco smoke.

In addition to alleviating these symptoms, laser therapy for smoking also helps our patients to relax and achieve a calmer mental state. Some of our patients even describe a euphoric feeling after their quit smoking laser therapy treatments.

Quit smoking today, with our evidence-based laser acupuncture treatments


At Bondi Acupuncture, our friendly team of natural health professionals can help you overcome your addiction and achieve a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.

Rest assured, our fully qualified acupuncturists are highly experienced in applying pressure to strategic locations of the anatomy for optimal results in a variety of applications – be it back pain, sports recovery, facial rejuvenation, general health and wellness or otherwise.

We recommend scheduling four treatments in order to achieve optimal results, with each treatment typically taking between 30 and 45 minutes.


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If you would like to learn more about our laser acupuncture treatments for quitting smoking in Bondi Junction, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer your queries. If you are ready to get started, simply book your first appointment online now!

Disclaimer: Kindly note that results for clients may vary. The work I do is never in isolation; it is always a team effort which includes that clients work on their lifestyle choices, along with my treatment.

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