Mrs L presented at clinic with severe epigastric pain. She advised that she had been in hospital for the last 3 days due to a gallstone attack. It had blocked one of her ducts resulting in pain on the middle & right hand side of epigastrium, consequently her Liver Function blood test was abnormally high with markers around 2000.

She also had burning sensation in her stomach & pain over her liver area. Mrs L was unable to eat over 4 days except to have a tablespoon of food here & there. She advised that during her 3 days in hospital the only relief they could give her was morphine, which she declined.
After one treatment with acupuncturist Houng Lau she advised her stomach had calmed down, so much so that she was able to have her first proper meal with no burning sensation. Pain over her liver area was also relieved tremendously on that first treatment.

Mrs L came back for acupuncture sessions twice a week for 3 weeks to reduce the severity of her symptoms as the doctors could do nothing for her while she was waiting for her surgery date to remove her gallbladder.

After 3 weeks of acupuncture her Liver Function Test was almost back to normal & Mrs L felt she was back to normal health, except for watching her diet carefully. She is now waiting for an operation to remove her gall bladder without having pain. While she is waiting, for her operation she is trying to dissolve her gall bladder stones.

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