There are nine factors to promote healing; we will be discussing this over the next few weeks.



Radically changing your diet can help promote and kickstart your journey on healing. What foods you decide to eat affects the tissues and organs and the level of inflammation in your body.

You can start by reducing refined foods, meats, sugar and dairy; increasing vegetables and fruits; drinking filter water and eating food from organic sources.


2. Taking control of your health

How your mindset affects your day to day healing, including how we choose to eat and drink, think and feel, act and react, and move and rest on any given day.

Hence a positive and active mindset on your health means you will be willing to make changes and adjustments, as well as the ability to deal with resistance.


3. Intuition

Sometimes the key to healing is following your intuition as the body knows what it needs to heal. So trusting that gut instinct is the right answer regardless of it being an internal voice, coming from a dream, meditation or journaling.

As the instinctual and subconscious system sometimes knows what is right before the analytical and conscious does.