Stand Taller, Feel Better

My name is Ross Doherty, I am massage therapist and have been working with Houng Lau for 8 years at 3 locations in Bondi Junction. I have done numerous massages on her and she is a great person to ask if my massage would suit your needs.

When I a start a massage I look at the whole body, I look at your posture and how you stand, how you walk. I also look at how your shoulders sit, are they level do they roll forward? Examining the body as a whole tells me a story about you. It tells where your energy/tension is, and how to resolve it. I will help to release tight and tense muscles and energise your organs and meridians.

The aim of my massage is to create healing through skilled and caring massage. I use Remedial, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Reflexology, Trigger Point and Soft Tissue to create movement and revitalise your life. My nutrition and yoga experience add to my treatments to enhance holistic healing.


If you mention this blog, your next treatment is only $60!!


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