Phthalate or PFOA and PFOS, commonly used in the production of cosmetics and everyday household items.


One of the most well-known products that contained PFOS was 3M’s line of ScotchgardTM stain repellants. PFOS also has been used in pesticides, surface coatings for carpets, furniture, waterproof apparel and paper goods.


These chemicals are linked to the increasing numbers of babies born with smaller penises, higher rates of erectile dysfunction and declining fertility. They also disrupt the immune and hormonal system, damaging the liver and kidneys even being a possible carcinogen.


Things you can do at home

  • Do not heat plastics
  • Store hot food in glass containers and not plastic
  • Avoid any cosmetic products that contain phthalates or fragrance
  • Throw away your non-stick fry pan
  • Read ingredients on all your products.
  • Avoid having products that are used for stainproofing for furniture and carpets, or waterproofing for clothing as they release chemicals into the air



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