Earlier this year I completed the 7-day soup detox. 

I had stuffed myself with chocolate and processed foods over the Christmas period.  January was a busy time too for eating and socialising.


I found that February was a good time to complete this detox. I found great health benefits to my body. I learnt what pure foods were. I did not go hungry, and I also lost 2kgs over the week. Others who have been on this detox have lost up to 5kgs in a week. This detox is in keeping with the philosophy and tenets of Chinese medicine, to keep the stomach warm, stoke the digestive fire and eat cooked foods that nourish your body and to eat warming foods in winter. I have always been one of those people that could not do a juice detox, it never sat well in my stomach, and I never felt good just drinking juices.


This detox will be great for your immune system and for resetting you especially if you had a period of over-eating during isolation.

If you cannot complete 7 days, 3 days is just as good.



Instructions as follows: Follow this regime for 7 days.


Choose to make a different soup each day. There are approximately 6 recipes to choose from each day.

Increase the quantities of the vegetables, if making for more than one person or if you feel it is not enough!

The recipes make 1 litre. You can consume up to 2 litres a day.

You may drink this throughout the day or separate into 3 meals.

The recipes ask you not to add salt; however, in the last few days, I added the salt. I used ground black pepper as required

Cook the vegetables with water until soft and puree in the blender before eating.

(Joint pain may be a side effect from detox)

If you would like the recipes, please contact us, and we will send you out the whole detox protocol.

If you wish to purchase the ebook please click on this link http://soupmakerpro.com.au/product/recipe-e-books/


Here is a summary of what happens during the 7 days:

Day 1: Preparing the stomach

Day 2 Removing the first stage of bloating – gas

Day 3 Removing the second stage of bloating – water retention

Day 4 The liver cleanse

Day 5 The kidney detox

Day 6 The lymphatic flush

Day 7 Skin rejuvenation


Let me know how you go!