This full moon will shine a light on an area of our lives hidden or ignored for too long. We are being guided to accept ourselves, our lives and our circumstances.

Mercury will also go direct shortly after this full moon.  Meaning our communication will not be as muddled as well as the universes communication will be clearer as well.

The Virgo full moon is a seeker of the truth so we can come to new realizations, healing and awakenings.

Before we can step into the new astrological year we have to bring acceptance to where we stand today. This can take time and that is ok , but the full moon is clearing path if we want to take that step forward.

Neptune, the spirituality planet is very active at the moment and is guiding us to step out of our ego and into a place of heart and soul. We are human and we need our egos to get along with them as well.  Earth is like a school where we come to learn, grow, taste and experience.

Here is a meditation for the full moon.

I accept. I accept all that has happened to me. I accept the current circumstances of my life. I accept that this is how things are. It doesn’t mean I can’t make changes, but the more I accept, the more I acknowledge the circumstances of my life, the more the answers will find me.

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