Wanting to detox before Christmas? Here is how I do it.
I eat Green soup every day with a plate of chrysanthemum for dinner.


Green Soup
One Onion shop and sweat in a saucepan in olive oil Add one pack of baby spinach to the onion and cook lightly for 3 mins max.

Cut zucchini into long halves, Steam zucchini until slightly soft -4 med size.

Add chicken stock to the zucchini and mix onions and spinach all in a pot.

You can freeze this soup.

If you do not want to use zucchini replace it with cauliflower but cook the cauliflower in the stock instead of steaming.
You can add any greens you like such as Chinese spinach or baby spinach and blend.


Chrysanthemum Leaves

You can buy a bunch of chrysanthemum leaves in the Chinese supermarket or Paddies Market. I found it in the IGA at Kensington.

Boil water with enough salt to make the water salty Simmer the chrysanthemum till it is soft enough to eat but not overcooked.

Strain the leaves from the liquid

Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil up some olive oil until smoke comes out of it then turn it off at the heat.

Pour the olive oil over the leaves and add some Braggs aminos or Coconut aminos.