It may be a fairly common condition, but no parent likes to see their child suffering with the irritation, discomfort and lack of confidence that eczema can bring. Aside from itchy skin, eczema can also cause dryness, rashes, scaly patches, blisters and skin infections. It can prevent your child from enjoying a proper night’s sleep, and flare-ups can be unpredictable.

Thankfully, there are natural treatment options available that can alleviate the symptoms of your child’s eczema or similar skin condition. These include natural herbs for eczema, and shonishin acupuncture treatment.


Shonishin for eczema

Shonishin is a form of paediatric acupuncture that traces all the way back to Osaka in the 1700s. It remains a popular option to address various ailments in children to this day throughout Japan, and is gaining prominence as an accepted treatment for eczema and similar skin conditions across the globe.

Shonishin acupuncture for eczema does not use needles and is completely painless, so it can be used on children under certain circumstances. 

Shonishin involves using a series of blunt, non-invasive tools to perform a range of gentle and therapeutic rhythmic stroking, rubbing, tapping and pressing motions on specific acupuncture points on the exterior of the body. These techniques aim to harmonise and fortify your child’s vital energy, and strengthen their constitution. Even the lightest of applications has seen dramatic results in the past.


Natural herbs for eczema

Shonishin is often used in combination with herbal treatment for eczema itching, and often dietary changes are advised to coincide with treatment. Natural herbs have been proven to assist with alleviating the symptoms of eczema in children.


Does Shonishin acupuncture for eczema work?

There has been plenty of ongoing research done around the efficacy of natural herbs and acupuncture treatment in relation to eczema. Chinese herbal medicine can support relief from atopic dermatitis with minimal side effects, and it may offer a therapeutic option for children with extensive atopic eczema which has failed to respond to other treatments.

As for shonishin, every child’s treatment plan is different. Everyone has acupressure points all over their body, and your child’s acupressure practitioner will create a tailored treatment plan based on your child’s individual symptoms.


Preparing for your child’s shonishin acupuncture appointment for help to manage eczema

  • Try to avoid scheduling any strenuous activities for your child immediately after your appointment
  • It’s best for your child to eat around two hours before the appointment takes place
  • Avoid giving your child stimulants like caffeinated drinks
  • Dress your child in loose clothing, so that your practitioner can move it out of the way as needed during the treatment


Eastern Therapies provides tailored acupuncture sessions to help manage eczema and herbal treatments to aid with eczema itching

Operating from our comfortable Bondi clinic, our qualified and experienced acupuncturists provide personalised eczema treatment services based on your child’s needs. Please don’t hesitate to book online or get in touch for further information. We can also assist with health and wellness acupuncturesports therapypregnancy acupuncture and pediatric treatments.