Self-care is anything that you do for yourself that feels nourishing.

It can be something that’s relaxing or calming, or it can be something that is intellectual or spiritual or physical or practical or something you need to get done.



Self care is anything that can put a smile on your face and one aspect is looking after your emotional side.

Emotional self-care can be things like saying “no” to things that cause unnecessary stress, giving yourself permission to take a pause, or setting up a weekly coffee date with a friend.

It can also be self-talk, weekly bubble baths or taking your time doing skin care.



Another type is looking after your physical self.

Physical self-care means prioritizing sleep, adopting an exercise routine you can stick with, choosing healthy and nourishing foods over highly processed ones.

Looking after your general health is important in helping to keep your mind healthy.



Self care besides having an emotional and physical aspect there is also the spiritual side to look after.
Spiritual self-care can be spending time in nature, meditating, incorporating regular acts of kindness into your day, attending a religious service or keeping a gratitude journal.


To have enduring effects of self care requires it to be practiced regularly. Turning one of your self care practices in to a habit is better for you in the long run.


Self care is unique and different to everyone, it’s something that brings you more joy in the long run.