Chinese Medicine can help your immune system in so many ways.


Remember, prevention is better than cure.


If you would like support for your immune system as well as your children, we have the following formulas:



Yu Ping Feng San 


The formula Yu Ping Feng San (The Jade Windscreen Formula) was first described to protect the body against external pathogens or diseases. 

Clinically, Yu Ping Feng San has shown to produce beneficial immune-modulatory effects of preventing bacterial and viral infections. 

Recent studies revealed that it exerts anti-viral effects, including effects against influenza virus, human respiratory syncytial virus, and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus. Also, as a cure for inflammation-associated diseases, including allergic rhinitis and asthma. 



Gui Zhi Tang and Xiao Chai Hu Tang


Gui Zhi Tang is a classic Chinese Medicine formula used for external pathogen attacks as it has anti-influenza virus and anti-inflammatory effects. 

While Xiao Chai Hu Tang clinically is used for sore throats, fever and headaches, nausea, it does have similar anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. 

They also are antipyretic, analgesic, and other pharmacologic effects and has been used to treat colds, respiratory tract infections, and allergies. 


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Cordyceps is a type of  fungi.

In TCM, cordyceps is used to strengthen the immune system and manage respiratory disorders. It also is used to increase energy, enhance stamina, and reduce fatigue. Likewise, it can help dislodge phlegm, as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and for infections. 

Based on traditional evidence and modern research, the recommended dosage for dried cordyceps is 2 to 5 grams daily. 



Super Mushroom with Astragalus


Super Mushroom with Astragalus promotes optimal immune surveillance and cancer prevention and support of patients undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatment. 


Key applications: 

  • Enhancing immune function in both chronic or latent stages of recurrent conditions, bacterial infections and viral infections such as Glandular fever, Herpes, Coxsackievirus, Hepatitis virus, Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and more.
  • Chronic, recurrent and/or latent mycoplasmic infections such as atypical pneumonia and pelvic inflammatory disease





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