Have you been thinking that even though you live a busy life you deserve to feel better? How would it sound if you heard about a way to dissolve some of your stress, giving you more pep and enabling you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day?

Much more than just a foot massage, reflexology works on stimulating and/or sedating the organs and systems of the body (digestive, immune etc) providing one of the most holistic bodywork therapies there is – and it’s proven to aid relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep!

How does it work? Stress fills your body with toxins. Stress hormones circulate in the blood and will stay there unless you actively do something to remove them. As blood circulates around the body, gravity draws toxins into our feet; if your circulation is not in tip top condition, the body can struggle to send those toxins back (against gravity), turning your feet into toxic pools.

Foot reflexology helps to break down toxic deposits which makes it easier for them to eventually be flushed out by the lymphatic or urinary systems. Reflexology is also proven to aid with relaxation and studies show that reflexology is shown to be effective in reducing insomnia. And that’s not including the time you spend having the treatment when many people doze off into a meditative state!

Western reflexology has a sound basis in zone therapy and a good reflexologist will be able to interpret signals from the feet that relate to your internal and psychological health. And the best part about it is that this all happens while you simply lie down on a comfortable massage table, in a softly lit room with relaxing music soothing your ears!

It’s simply a matter of choosing that you really do want to feel calm and relaxed.

All it takes is one easy step: making today the day you decide “Yes, I am going to live a more peaceful and relaxed life. Yes, I deserve to feel better.”

I’m here to support you on that path. Make an appointment today and begin the year with a truly wonderful and relaxing experience…

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