How Chinese Medicine works 


I know Chinese herbal medicine can be helpful to people before you are sick, and in the critical period, it is this in-between time that is super important. 

We have the possibility of preventing illness from becoming critical and of relieving a tremendous amount of suffering. We may have the skill to keep people off of respirators and out of hospitals. For example, if you have a cough or a lot of phlegm, the herbs may get rid of your cough and your phlegm and assist you to sleep better, thereby supporting your immune system to fight the illness better because you are getting more sleep. Your immune system can also be relieved of certain duties and can concentrate on you getting better faster by not have so many battles on it’s front.


In Chinese medicine, there is no one formula or product for “the immune system” or any illness. Formulas are not for diseases.

Formulas are for patterns and the symptoms that a patient presents. Those patterns vary a lot and include the nature of the patient. Each person starts with different weakness and tendencies, and those are going to affect what herbs are right for them. In addition, the stages of the disease change quickly, and so the herbs should shift as well. 


We have to diagnose each patient at each stage individually and write formulas that match the particular pattern.

This is how Chinese medicine works, and that is why we require a phone consult to prescribe you the correct formula.

We can tell how your body will usually respond by the way that it has reacted in the past to virus or bacteria. Our body will often react in the same way, start with a sore throat and progress to a runny nose, fever, etc. However, at other times it may develop in a completely unpredictable way.

Other supplements we have for the immune system do not require a phone consult and can be sent out to you if you need it or be picked up from our clinic.


Regular acupuncture keeps your immunity tank full and able to cope with anything that comes your way.



In Health,


Houng xxx