In order to start the year by nourishing and giving to oneself I decided to go on a one day urban retreat in Rose Bay 8am to 5pm.

It was run by Tom Cronin from The Stillness Project.

I had not been to a retreat for a long time and I was so glad I did.

Tom started the day with an hour talk then we got into the rounds.

The rounds included 20 mins of yoga to calm the body, then pranayama breath work and then into vedic meditation.

This took one hour to complete, then we launched into another hour. After 2 hours we were in bliss.

Lunch was a delicious light vegetarian meal and after lunch we started work on our vision for the year.

We completed the day with another 2 rounds and in total we did 4 hours of meditation that day and I felt light and ready to tackle the rest of the year.

This is something I would like to do each year. What a great start !

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