Approximately 3000 years after humans started using acupuncture, ongoing research and studies are assessing new and exciting ways in which acupuncture can be used to improve our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

We already know that the insertion of needles in key points around the body’s exterior stimulates particular nerves and triggers a reaction from the immune system, which can be beneficial in any number of ways.

But does acupuncture work for losing weight?

Under certain conditions for some people, acupuncture has been shown to regulate hormone production, improve metabolism, optimise digestion, reduce inflammation, suppress our appetite and decrease water retention. All these processes can assist with weight loss, meaning that regular acupuncture treatment can support some people in losing weight.


Here’s a breakdown of the relationship between acupuncture and weight loss:


Regulating hormone production – Imbalanced hormones can cause us to gain weight, as our digestion and cognition functions don’t work properly (i.e. your brain doesn’t recognise when it’s hungry/full etc.). Acupuncture targeting the spleen and Shen Men can help to balance hormone levels.

Boosting the metabolism – We can insert needles into the thyroid region, which stimulates the pituitary gland, and although everyone responds differently, this can in turn increase fat-burning—when you exercise, your body will burn calories faster and more easily.

Optimising digestion – Stimulating key points that target the stomach and kidneys, acupuncture can increase the amount of nutrients our body is capable of absorbing, which supports improvements in gut health and can help provide relief for constipation bloating and other gastrointestinal issues.

Reducing inflammation – Inflamed tissues and muscle tension has a tendency to put pressure on our immune system, which can take its toll on our heart health. By using acupuncture to lower oxidative stress levels, we can support relief of muscle tension and tissue inflammation, which allows the body to shed excess fat easier.

Decreasing water retention – If your body is storing excess water, stimulation of the kidney nerves and endocrine system can discourage this process, helping your body shed retained water and lose weight as a result.


Other ways in which acupuncture can assist with weight loss


Stress does interesting and sometimes unpredictable things to the human body. By releasing endorphins (something which acupuncture has been scientifically proven to do), this process can lower stress and anxiety levels, which can in turn help the body to lose weight.

Reducing cortisol- when our bodies are very stressed it produces cortisol and the levels increase and may be associated with weight gain. Acupunture my balance this stress response and assist with balancing the cortisol levels.

Though you wouldn’t think it, our ears are actually one of the most important acupuncture points for assisting in weight loss, as they are such a dense region for nerve endings that extend to a whole host of regions around the body. We are very excited to advise you of  our special protocol with ear acupuncture and laser to assist with the addiction to food, very similar to using ear acupuncture to treat quit smoking, our points selection may assist you stop cravings for sugar and hunger cravings.


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