The Full Moon falls on the 1-2nd of the month in the dreamy, ethereal, and sensitive zodiac of Pisces.


There is a deep awakening for this moon as it is in the psychic sign of Pisces with a harmonious alignment to Uranus (the planet of awakening and change). It encourages us to see things with a fresh perspective and guides us to look at things with a new lens to shift our awareness and consciousness. This Full Moon and its alignment is destined to bring an awakening of some kind.


Venus and Saturn are also active under this Full Moon and may stir issues in matters pertaining to our relationships.


It calls for us to speak our truth and take responsibility for our behaviour and what we want to create going forward.


Pisces is a water sign, and being near the water or a salt bath can be healing. Or find great comfort and support in being of service to others.


September’s Full Moon offers significant energy shifts, and this full moon will be a beacon lighting the way for us. Like all transformations, it takes a breakdown for the new to emerge.


So !!! Let go of who you were yesterday or even a moment ago, and welcome who you are in this very moment.



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