2019 has been a busy year! Just a recap on some of the conditions we have seen this year and some success stories that stood out.


We have assisted a few patients that came with tinnitus or dizziness from a viral cause. We successfully resolved the issues from treating them four times with acupuncture and herbs.
Pneumonia and immune issues are popular conditions that we treated in 2019. Acupuncture, in conjunction with antibiotics, helped our patients to get back on their feet in no time.


Also helped many women with giving births and achieving natural labour. We achieved assisting natural labour of many patients who came into the clinic, including twins born naturally with the help of acupuncture! A few patients came back after for postpartum headaches relief which resolved successfully with acupuncture.


Besides fertility and pregnancy support, we also treated anxiety and patients with sleeping problems using gentle acupuncture and herbs.


A case that stood out this year was a patient with severe sciatica who was unable to walk, sit and work. After treating her three times a week continuously for three weeks, she fully recovered and was able to get back to work! It really shows how powerful acupuncture can be!


We would like to thank all the patients who are dedicated to their health and wellbeing this year!


Last but not least, here is Houng’s quote of 2019: “The one thing that creates wealth in our lives and that is health.”


Hope you had a lovely break and your holidays continue throughout 2020!