I attended a final 29th international seminar of my Japanese acupuncture teacher Ikeda Sensei on the Gold Coast.

Author of 23 books, 73 year old Ikeda Sensei has been my primary mentor for 19 years. 200 delegates made the effort to attend this great teacher’s last seminar.

Many in the audience had been students observing at Eastern Therapies or had worked at Eastern Therapies. It was great that they saw enough value in his work to make the effort to the Gold Coast.

With a long association with Sensei I was asked to give a speech at a dinner for Sensei.

It was an emotional gathering and many had tears in their eyes.

There were many friends amongst the crowd and it was a great social catchup with those within the industry.

I finished the speech with a Haiku

Grateful for all those

Whose journeys overlapped mine

You have made me, me.

We were graced with beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and staying at Broadbeach Peppers Oracle was a highlight of the trip.

They had amazing facilities with a zen garden and it’s so close the beach, I would recommend it for a weekend.

I will continue to travel to Japan to visit my mentor because he is still teaching and taking in international groups from his clinic in Imabari Shikoku Island.

Take a look of some the memories I captured.