Wind is an important concept in Chinese medicine.

It is one of the 6 external factors that can cause an illness. It’s a climatic condition which can enter the meridians in the body and cause a cold. It enters through the top of the back and can cause a stiff neck.

Exposure to air-conditioning which causes a stiff neck, muscular pain headaches or stiffness in summer when air-conditioning is overused is considered to be an attack of pathogenic wind. It is a metaphor for climatic conditions that disrupt our body.

Yes our body is not impervious to the weather conditions of heat, cold ,wind and damp. Continued exposure and over exposure can cause imbalance to our bodies. Our body is covered by our skin which could be considered as the biggest organ. Our pores open and close when the circulation is good and it also absorbs the climatic conditions surrounding us.

So be careful when it is windy. Dress appropriately. Wear a scarf keep your neck warm and that prevents colds. Try not to sleep with air-conditioning in summer or stay under the doona if you really need it on.