Hi Everyone 🙂 

Weighty issues!


When patients come to see me for weight loss, deep issues are often going on inside. Usually, they have a very clean diet? 

Therefore why have they not been able to shift the weight?

This question has plagued me for a very long time. For not so severe cases, working on the organs to assist with absorption and processing food can help, but these weight issues can be much more complicated than that. 


I have been observing the lectin-free diet for over a year now, and I have started to recommend it to anyone that has been strictly practising 

  • Keto diet
  • Intermittent fasting 
  • Paleo diet 
  • 5/2 diet 

However, they cannot move the weight, and usually, these patients are insulin resistant, they have high glucose levels and are borderline diabetic, and they also have an autoimmune problem. 

Once I suggest, they look at a lectin-free diet to remove inflammation; the results can be astounding!


Lectins are the proteins found in some plants with seeds and nightshades, especially legumes and grains. Avoid any vegetables with seeds such as pumpkin, beans, peas, zucchini which have high lectins. 

Lectins could cause increased gut permeability and drive autoimmune diseases by causing inflammation. Some people are more sensitive to the consumption of lectins.

Lectins are a plant’s defensive strategy. They are found in all plants but highly concentrated in only a few. When eaten, these plants cause insects and higher animals alike enough discomfort that they typically avoid consuming high-lectin foods in the future

You can get rid of lectins by soaking the grains overnight and through pressure cooking.  I really recommend looking at this lifestyle change if you have autoimmune issues, prediabetic and insulin resistant and weight is difficult for you to shift. 


If you need more information, please contact our clinic and make an appointment with us to discuss further how to work this into your eating lifestyle. 


7 days on this diet saw one of my patients with rheumatoid arthritis decrease substantially the joint pain. 

Another lost inches around below her ribs only after 5 days.