We  have been seeing a lot of patients with insomnia.

It seems that a lot of people may have trouble falling asleep and they develop anxiety because of this.

Recently we treated a post partum mother with insomnia. She only starting getting insomnia after having the baby

After 2 treatments with herbs and acupuncture she got a full nights sleep and her palpitations and anxiety had reduced.

We are now treating her to maintain the status quo and keep the change in her body.

Low energy levels, and hot flushes, sweating and always feeling hot seem to be common symptoms in women even if they are not perimenopausal.

A patient came in with digestive issues, sweating and feeling hot at night, insomnia and tight neck and shoulders.

After 6 treatments with acupuncture and herbs, all of her symptoms have resolved and we are now working with her in the next 4 treatments to ensure the symptoms do not come back