Moxa, aka dried mugwort, is commonly used in our clinic.


It has a wide range of benefits, such as getting rid of the cold in the body and increasing blood circulation. It can be used to promote circulation in over areas with chronic pain and muscle tension and also assisting in strengthening immune systems and helping with fatigue, digestive issues and headaches.



Moxa often is used for fertility or menstrual issues due to having properties to promote blood circulation and warms the body. For example, breeching babies, menstrual cramps and pain, infertility. heavy menstrual bleeding and more.



Moxa is used in many forms, sometimes we shape the moxa into a cone or into a fine thread, other times it is burnt inside a wired bucket placed on top of a needle. When moxa is burnt, it produces a therapeutic and relaxing aroma that is compared frequently to sage.


Next time you smell some strong aromatic smoke in the clinic, it might be moxa!