More information on how acupuncture can assist in vision disorders and issues.


Acupuncture may benefit the eyes in the following manner:

·        Awakening Dormant Photoreceptor Cells“Rebooting” those cells to start capturing more light for vision

·        Stimulating The Release of Nerve Growth FactorsEnticing your ocular nerve cells to start growing and repairing

·        Increasing Local Stem Cell Activity for Repair & RegenerationIncreased stem cell activity is related to new cell generation and repair

·        Organizing Neuro-Coherence of Nerve SignalingPrevents “invalid signals” that confuse the brains optical processing

·        Promoting Parasympathetic ResponseCalming your nervous system – a system cannot regenerate when it’s not in a place of rest

·        Increasing Neuroplasticity: Rewiring & Firing To Optimize Remaining Visual SystemYou’re brain can re-wire itself to create new pathways and improve over past function

·        Facilitating Repair Of The Ocular Vascular SystemBetter blood flow is one of the keys of ocular health.

·        Helping to Maintain the Ocular MicrobiomeYour eyes, as your gut, have a specific biome that is optimal


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