Now is the time to change to safer brands

Surf mud and surf butter come in tinted and non-tinted. It is creamy and easy to put on.


If you seek to be fertile, check what you put on your skin.

Sunscreen is used frequently during summer. The EWG website states this:
The ingredients oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and avobenzone are all systemically absorbed into the body after one use (Matta 2019, Matta 2020), according to studies published by the FDA, which also found that they could be detected on the skin and in the blood weeks after no longer being used (Matta 2020). Previous studies detected many sunscreen ingredients in breast milk and urine samples (Schlumpf 2008, Schlumpf 2010). In addition, sunscreen users can inhale ingredients in sunscreen sprays and ingest some of the ingredients they apply to their lips, so the ingredients must not be harmful to the lungs or internal organs.

This constant exposure to sunscreen chemicals raises concerns, mainly because there is insufficient safety data for most ingredients. We have even more concerns about ingredients such as oxybenzone, which have been linked to hormone disruption by numerous studies.

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