To make miso soup


1. Mix half water and half chicken stock ( just use water if you do not have stock)

2. Cut the radish in rounds and cut in half or quarters depending on how thick the radish is

3. Cook the radish in the liquid and bring to simmer

4. When the radish is nearly cooked, you can add 2 TBS of wakame and silken tofu at the end if you wish (cut into small squares).

5. Use a ladle to remove half a litre of broth from the pot place into a bowl and add 2 TBS of miso paste ( I prefer medium or white miso )
And work it into the broth until the miso all melted.

6. Turn off the stove and add the miso broth into the pot.


Remember to never boil miso.



Enjoy! Stay warm for the rest of winter.