Are you trying to fall pregnant or do you have small children?
This article is a very important read.
Not only do the foods we eat impact our health but the chemicals found in cosmetics, perfumes, artificial air fresheners and cleaning products.
Start checking your household products for these nasty ingredients and start swapping for natural substitutes

  1. Parabens – Endocrine disruptors
  2. Synthetic Colours – Possible carcinogen. EU has banned synthetic colours
  3. Synthetic Fragrances – Purposively a vague term, negative effect on reproductive system
  4. Phthalates – Endocrine disruptor , carcinogen
  5. Tricolsan – Endocrine disruptor , skin irritant , it makes bacteria anti biotic resistant, Recently banned by FDA.
  6. SLS , SLES – Foaming agent . Found in maskara . Maskara is the hardest cosmetic item to be made all natural
  7. Formaldehyde – Preservative , Carcinogen
  8. Toluene – Can cause developmental damage in unborn babies
  9. Propylene glycol – Known skin irritant. Instead YL use jojoba oil.
  10. Sunscreen Chemicals – Endocrine disrupters , carcinogens.

Note : Titanium Dioxide – needed in mineral powder to bind on face so all make up brands have it.

Download the app , Chemical Maze to punch chemicals whilst you shop to be fully aware!

Enjoy a chemical free new year.