I  made an annual trip to Japan to study with my teacher of 16 years Masakasu Ikeda.

Firstly I visited the clinic in Tokyo where I had trained 15 years ago with Sensei Edward O’baidey who has an international clinic. I spent the day with him observing his treatments.

Along with 20 other Australians and Europeans,  I went on to Shikoku Island where we shared 4 days of learning Japanese acupuncture, eating and drinking together.

Ikeda Sensei has written over 20 books on acupuncture and herbal medicine. The trip is useful for me to refine my skills to better serve patients even if it is one thing I can take away from the experience.

Ikeda Sensei will be travelling to London in August 2017 for further international seminars which I hope to attend.

Going to Japan in November is an ideal time of the year. The weather is cool but not freezing. Kyoto puts on a magnificent display.

If you get the chance please visit Arashiyama Kyoto,  where I took some amazing photos of the autumn foliage and riverside.

I did not get sick of the Japanese food, only missed bacon and eggs whilst I was over there.

I look forward to learning more from an amazing teacher Ikeda Sensei next year.

The last day was spent at Tokyo National Art Centre at the Dali exhibition when I had some downtime before my flight.