A conversation with John…

We recently interviewed one of our practitioners to give you an understanding as to what’s involved in a treatment session with John Kim

John, tell us what kind of treatments do you like to perform?

I perform mainly Japanese style acupuncture, which involves pulse diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis (HARA) and meridian palpation to find imbalances in the body. Each patient will have a specific diagnosis and individualised treatment based on this diagnosis.

What makes your treatments special?

There are a lot of things to be considered in a treatment. For me, we use very fine needles; you cannot even feel some of them being inserted. The correct needling technique, such as depth of insertion is vital also.

Palpation for diagnosis and working with Qi (or energy) is one of the most important and individualised aspects of my treatment.

The combination of other treatments, such as the use of moxa, massage and herbs provide a synergistic effect in healing, recovery and achieving the patient’s health goals.

All of these components work together and are of equal importance. 

What parts of the body do you focus on?

As I have been working with physiotherapists for almost 3 years now, I always try to approach and view the body from different windows. There’s a lot that acupuncture can and cannot do yet, and is yet to be discovered. The saying is that “There are different approaches, yet there is One Body and One purpose.”

How does a patient expect to feel after the treatment?

You will be in the room for 45 minutes for initial consultation, and 35 minutes for follow-up treatment. I gather as much information as possible from your pulse, your signs and symptoms, and abdominal palpation. It’s almost like detective work. I will explain to you the diagnosis and put together an individualised treatment plan to treat your complaint.

In addition to your acupuncture treatment, I will apply different methods, such as moxa (‘heat’), cupping and gua sha if necessary.

I may also prescribe and prepare herbal medicines if necessary. Part of the treatment includes recommendations, such as physical exercises or activities if need be.

I normally work together with Houng as a team.This allows for greater flexibility with treatments and ensures you benefit  the most from each treatment,  I will discuss your symptoms with Houng  where necessary; if I feel your treatment can be improved.  All in all, working as a team allows each patient to be receive the best level of care at our clinic.

“Acupuncture can improve your health in so many ways. It’s like boot camp for your body, physically or mentally, even when you’re are feeling stressed or just sluggish, it can help get you back to top form”

What kind or feedback has patients given you?

 Magic hands !!, brilliant !!, miracle !! Absolutely amazing!! So relaxing!! Powerful Healing !!

You also are an expert at treating certain conditions. Can you tell us more about that?

I am particularly interested in treating acute and chronic lower back pain. My treatments can also assist in symptoms of insomnia and menopause and can help manage stress and anxiety. I have very good results when seeing patients with these problems.

You can view John’s exercise strategies for injuries and back pain.

Any final words?

I believe that I have a lot more to learn and am constantly learning, developing and improving my skills in this ancient medicine and wisdom. I’m passionate about providing better service and client care. I hope to increase the knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to people in the area, so they can experience the benefits of this form of healing and preventative medicine.


Here is John telling us a bit more about the point Yin Tang (or third eye).