Turning breech baby with moxibustion

https://youtu.be/6xHoqZvxSWA   … [Read more...]

How to increase progesterone

These methods have been shown effective for increasing progesterone levels: for factsheet contact info@panaxea.com 750 mg vitamin C per day (increased progesterone 77% and improved fertility) 600 mg vitamin E (increased progesterone in 67% of patients) 6 g L-arginine (increased … [Read more...]

Morning Sickness

A forty year old woman in the middle of her third pregnancy came to us experiencing severe morning sickness. She had been suffering nausea and vomiting for fourteen weeks prior to seeking treatment and had been taking Zofran and Zantac every day to stabilise her symptoms. She was also experiencing … [Read more...]

Have you had pre-eclampsia or would you like to reduce risk of pre-eclampsia?

Have you had pre-eclampsia or would you like to reduce risk of pre-eclampsia? Here are some ways you can reduce the risk of getting pre-eclampsia CoQ10 supplementation during pregnancy reduces pre-eclampsia risk CoQ10 supplementation reduced blood viscosity and improves blood flow thus … [Read more...]

Tens Machines

                      We now havetens for hire during labour Tens is a drug free system of pain control. it releases natural pain killers (endorphins and encephalins) and blocks out pain messages to the … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Induction

We have just received an exciting order of essential oils and massage cream! They are made by Zen Facial and smell amazing! The ingredients in both are designed to help encourage birth and relax tension. Both the cream and oil are available at Eastern Therapies. Please enquire for more … [Read more...]

IVF / Labour Support Packages

We understand that IVF and Labour support get very expensive. That is why we have created 2 new packages to help reduce costs for patients. IVF support package: Acupuncture in support of IVF has the best results with a pre transfer session, post transfer session and 3 followups in the next 10 … [Read more...]

Audrey’s Success Stories

IVF SUCCESS WITH SEVERE ENDOMETRIOSIS A 29 year old woman with a history of stage 4 endometriosis and multiple related surgeries came to seek treatment for IVF support. While concurrently seeking medical care she hoped to maximise her chances in falling pregnant. We used acupuncture and … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Acupuncture Throughout Pregnancy

Low PAPP-A Score, Placenta and Birth Weight A 40 year old patient was early into her second pregnancy, when she received results of routine tests which indicated a low PAPP-A score. A low PAPP-A (pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A) is defined as a maternal serum PAPP-A value less than 0.4 … [Read more...]


Mastitis can often affect women who are breastfeeding. Mastitis is  inflammation of the breast and it can be very painful. Even though women are given antibiotics which is helpful in this condition, in some cases, the antibiotics can affect your baby, they can get very grissly and have … [Read more...]