We are grateful to have been a part of your journey and for the privilege of hearing these beautiful birth stories from you! Thank you for sharing them with us.


“Our little boy arrived so speedily and easy on April 4th. Labour took only 4 hours and turns out managed to make it to the hospital room in time as he came out 5mins after arriving. All natural birth with no tearing. It was an unbelievable experience! And I believe whole heartedly the acupuncture played a big part”


“Morning Houng! Excited to share we’ve got a little boy on the way ???? huge thank you for all of your help over the past months and supporting with my fertility journey. Really appreciate it! See you on the other side ????”


“Thanks for checking in. Delivery went well. I was induced but the labour was reasonably short and went smoothly and we welcomed a little baby boy. Would it be worth coming in for post natal acupuncture? Thanks!”

With this patient, she had three treatments, and although spontaneous labor does not always occur, the outcomes were favorable.


“Hi Houng! Baby girl arrived last week – labour from waters breaking to delivery was 8 hours and it went really well! We’re now just trying to rest and recover ????”


“Thank you Houng 🙂 I went into labour the next day after our last session. It was a long 3 nights of pre labour, she stayed posterior the whole time! Birthed all naturally though and feeling amazing x”


” Hi team,  I want to say big thank you for my induction yesterday to Houng, I went into Labour at 12 am the same day as Houng predicted. Everything went very smooth and our daughter was born at 9 am this morning. Thank you very much ❤️”