I have discovered slow cooking. Slow cooked roast vegetables for 3 hours and roast pork overnight retains all the flavours and you make a meal whilst you are asleep!

2.5 kg  of Pork shoulder with bone in. Skin on.

Rub all over with Salt & olive oil all over skin & meat.

Rub fresh fennel powder ( ground in a spice grinder)  all over meat part only, not skin.
Cover with al foil
Bake at 120 deg for 5 – 8 hrs……

Drizzle olive oil over the vegetables , salt and pepper and cook on 150 degrees for 3 hours.
Place the truss tomatoes on a separate dish , sprinkle with oregano, salt and ground caraway seed and cook for 1-2 hours with the vegetables.

Give us some feedback on how you went with the recipe and enjoy.