Here are some top research tips fresh off the press that could assist you in the betterment of your health!


  • Nigella sativa supplementation improves glycaemic control
    • Nigella sativa seed (black seeds seen above) has been used in traditional medicine for several thousand years for a broad range of health conditions including metabolic disorders


  • Multi-strain probiotics more effective than single strain probiotics for IBS
    • Irritable bowel syndrome affects approximately 1 in 10 individuals and represents a major therapeutic challenge due its complex and poorly defined pathophysiology.
    • Probiotics are emerging as an effective treatment for IBS due to their effects on gut microbiota


  • Allergies may be triggered by proton pump inhibitors
    • Proton pump inhibitors are among the most commonly prescribed medications worldwide, yet long-term use has been associated with adverse effects, including an increased risk of gastric cancer


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