Traditional Acupuncture Near Randwick

Pregnancy, Infertility and More

Eastern Therapies is a traditional medicine clinic with locations in Bondi and the CBD. With a particular specialisation in women’s health acupuncture, Randwick locals are sure to find serenity and wellbeing at our clinic.

We create a tranquil environment, meaning even acupuncture first-timers will feel comfortable when receiving our treatments. Whether you’re simply looking to unwind or want to address a more complicated medical issue, our therapists will be able to assist.

From laser therapy to IVF acupuncture, Randwick residents can address a variety of concerns at Eastern Therapies. Through the use of traditional Chinese herbs and gentle Japanese acupuncture, you can enjoy improved wellbeing and reduced symptoms.

The effects of our acupuncture treatments

Our therapists cater to clients from all backgrounds, whether you are expecting your first child or are well into your menopausal years. With a particular focus on women’s wellness, we are able to help you: 

  • Prepare for labour – Our acupuncture treatments may help your baby descend and reduce your time spent in labour.
  • Reduce the risk of miscarriage – Acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies may help you enjoy a safer pregnancy.
  • Minimise morning sickness – The discomfort of morning sickness may be alleviated with acupuncture and herbal treatments.
  • Improve IVF experience – Acupuncture improves blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, which may improve your chances of a successful IVF treatment.
  • Boost fertility – Acupuncture may assist with successful conception.
  • Recover post-baby – Acupuncture may be able to treat conditions such as insufficient lactation and mastitis.
  • Manage menopause – Uncomfortable menopause symptoms like hot flushes, bloating and night sweats may be alleviated with herbs and acupuncture.

Acupuncture has been shown to assist with women’s health, as it has the ability to regulate hormones. Acupuncture can also be used to improve blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, minimising any discomfort in these areas and helping them function healthily.

From pediatric treatments to infertility acupuncture, Randwick locals can find a wealth of wellbeing at Eastern Therapies.

Visit Eastern Therapies today

With two convenient locations, Eastern Therapies is the ideal destination for acupuncture in the Sydney region. We conduct our treatments in a tranquil environment, which is conducive to wellness and relaxation. Our acupuncture services are extremely gentle, which means there is no need to fear discomfort or irritation. Our acupuncturists and traditional medicine practitioners work to create a personalised treatment plan, taking a holistic approach to your treatment.

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