Hi Houng 🙂

Yes I had arthritis specifically psoriatic arthritis.

Below is my timeline:

It was May 2011 I became sick – unable to walk. A month after my initial symptoms I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

Apparently with all conditions like this it takes doctors sometime to get the medication correct – they starting with the weakest, safest drugs and work up to stronger drugs. Trying different combinations.

So 1 year 1 month after my initial symptoms I had an injection of Humeria. Within 24 hours I was pain free – it feels like it was an absolute miracle!!

I stayed on the fortnightly injections for 18 months.

The injections compromise my immune system so if you get an infection of any sort they recommend you take a break from the injections allow the infection to clear and resume.

My glands were inflamed yet I had no obvious infection so under my doctors guidance I stopped the injections.

My glands took a long time to come down at which point I decided to not go back in the humeria.

So my last injection was Dec 13.

I have been well since then and since Dec 14 have felt back to my good old self, energised and well!  It took me s year to feel more back to my old self.

Along side the medication and doctors visits I completely exhausted my natural therapy options.

They say an extremely high percent of people who have an auto immunecondition suffered childhood trauma.

So I got lots conselling.

They also say that your immune system comes from your gut therefore a damaged unhealthy gut can lead to autoimmune conditions.

I therefore completely changed my diet – removed all sugars and processed foods, removed all the highly in-tolerated foods – eggs, dairy, gluten, nuts, legumes.

I endured I included turmeric and all the other foods that are said to reduce inflammation.

I visited acupuncturists, massage therapists, reflexology, naturopath – to help give me supplements to support my body with the medications I was taking and to also provide supplements to improve my gut health.

Chinese herbalist, homeopath, Physiotherapist – There really isn’t many I didn’t try.

I also got my doctors to run tests on my gut health.. I got a colonoscopy & endoscopic- a camera in both ends to see the health of my digestive track.

I also had my stool samples tested.

My naturopath was very helpful in guiding me through these tests and looking at my blood results to help decide what supplements would help. She also used muscle testing methods.

Her name is Jo Wilson – 0402 504 213.

It is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face. All doctors told me it was a condition I would have to manage forever that I’d be on medication forever.

As Houng may tell you I’m a PT and my favourite thing is trail running.. So being unable to walk was excruciating for me.

I don’t know how much of me being well is down to the action I took and how much is down to ‘that was my journey’ but I am well – no medication and no symptoms.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch again if you’d like more specific info?

All the best!!! I hope this helps xxxx

Michaela Watt

Your Fitness Partner