The moment you find out you are pregnant a million thoughts run through your mind – who to tell
and when, will it be a boy or a girl, do you get maternity leave, will you be a good parent… the list is

For many, it seems another thought pops up; I want to be fit, healthy and strong for pregnancy, birth
and of course, motherhood. Well, there is a lot of carrying, lifting, pushing and running around to get
ready for.

For exercise newbies it’s often a question of where do I start? And for those who already enjoy
regular workouts it’s usually a question of what do I do now?

It all comes down to the same thing… every mum to be just wants to know what’s best – and safe,
for her body and her growing baby.

Glowing Expectations Pre & Postnatal Fitness Wellbeing Programs offer everything you need to
look after your body and mind, during pregnancy and beyond. After asking the 3000 expectant and
new mums I trained what they really want and need from an online program I created exactly that.

Convenience – 100% online program, accessible anytime, from phone, laptop or any other device
Exercise – easy to follow workouts with instruction videos and printable guides to keep you safe
Accessibility – suitable exercises for both beginners and regular exercisers for the home or gym
Safety – factsheets on all aspects of exercising safely and modifications for specific conditions
Nutrition – no diets, just useful advice on good nutrition and food hygiene videos from a Nutritionist
Health – up to date info on pelvic floor and ab separation videos from a Women’s Physiotherapist
Mind – the emotional side of pregnancy and transition to motherhood discussed with a Counsellor
Connection – experiences and stories from real mums and a Private Facebook Group for Members
Style – top tips on bump friendly clothes and new mum wardrobe essentials from a mum and Stylist
Contact – weekly emails to keep you motivated and deliver info to your inbox so you don’t miss out

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Throughout Pregnancy.I look forward to welcoming you to the Glowing Expectations family.
Rachel Livingstone Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist