Beijing is an exciting international city and I was looking forward to my brief visit of 2 weeks.

It was enough time to get to understand the flavour of the city,  and learn some advanced techniques in herbal prescriptions at the same time and eat many banquets!

Fortunately for me the pollution was not so bad around the time that I visited.

I stayed close to the Olympic Bird’s Nest which was a magnificent sight in the evenings.

The two weeks in Beijing was spent battling the Beijing rush hour in the mornings to attend Dr Feng Shi Lun’s clinic which were located in the private clinics and hospitals of Beijing.

The doctor is now 70 years old and in semi-retirement working half days at the clinics. Instead of seeing the usual 100 patients that younger doctors are required to see at the hospitals, he has chosen to take his time with patients spending up to 20 mins per patient however charging a higher fee for the consult.

Along with another Australian Chinese medicine doctors, 2 from Netherlands and one from Germany, we studied the doctors prescriptions and hopefully succeeded in understanding some of his vast experience treating many different conditions using Chinese herbs for the immune system, skin conditions and digestive disorders.

I really hope I get the chance to return to an amazing city.