22 years ago, I arrived in Sydney after leaving Tasmania to pursue my studies in Chinese medicine.

In Tasmania, I began my massage studies and always had a keen interest in expanding my education. However, I couldn’t find a Chinese medicine course in Hobart. I enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle living in Battery Point and shopping at Salamanca markets. I discovered Tasmania before it became popular worldwide, even before Mona was conceived.

I took care of my vegetable garden and nurtured apricot, apple, and mulberry trees.

Leaving wasn’t easy, but my passion for learning drove me forward. After living in Japan and studying shiatsu there, I decided to chase my dreams and moved to Sydney.

Adjusting to the traffic and student life was challenging, leaving behind the beauty and tranquility of Tasmania.

Fast forward 22 years, and I have gained immense knowledge and personal growth by pushing myself to become a practitioner who is always eager to assist my patients in the best possible way. My curiosity in health has led me to study with exceptional teachers in various parts of the world.

I feel incredibly fulfilled by what I have accomplished.