Energetic Healing and Meditation with Youmi Sunshine

Energetic Healing and Meditation with Youmi Sunshine










Welcome Spring with Energetic Healing and Meditation with Youmi Sunshine!
We are finally transitioning out of winter and slowly awakening into a new cycle of Spring once again. Winter was a time of renewal, looking into ourselves and going deep within to heal and release what needed to be let go of. It was also a time of rejuvenation and growth, planting new seeds and experimenting with new ideas for the new cycle to come. Perhaps slowing down a little and giving our mind, body, and spirit an opportunity to rest and recharge if you are tuned into the natural flow and rhythm of life.

Now, are you ready for a new beginning? Are you ready for your journey of growth and expansion as we welcome Spring into our lives?

Growth and expansion are possible when we let go of the old stories and create new space for the seeds to grow. If the land hasn’t been cleared and nourished with healthy soil, new seeds can not sprout into beautiful new plants no matter how much water and fertilizer we give to the seeds. Just like nature, we are very much the same.

It is ever so important to clear out the negative limiting beliefs that exist in our subconscious in order to create a new opening, a new beginning, a new cycle that aligns with your goal or dream. Without cleansing and clearing, we often end up in a vicious cycle of repeated negative experiences. Often this is based on a story or a negative thought pattern that we have been holding onto for a while without our awareness. As the saying goes, “What we don’t know, we don’t know. We only know what we know.”

Everyday is a good day to set an intention and it is even more powerful to create a new intention as you welcome a new cycle. What are your priorities in life? What would you like to let go of? What would you like to achieve? Would you like to reconnect with your soul purpose, your true path and calling that reconnects your heart and mind?

When we connect with our innate nature and true self, health and well-being flow in naturally. On the other hand, when we are disconnected from who we are, the separation can create immense stress, which in turn can manifest into illness and dis-ease on all levels of our being. The many different masks that we have put on in order to ‘survive’ and ‘thrive’ in the physical and material world often bring so much pain and illness as you are not living your truth nor following your heart.

As a Spiritual and Energetic Healer, Channel and a qualified Meditation Facilitator and Yoga Teacher, I feel very passionate about sharing my gifts in guiding you to tap into your own inner wisdom and facilitating your self-healing journey.

I am here to gently guide you through the process of letting go of your old limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and reconnecting with your true self and self-love. Let’s take a step forward towards your goal in health and well-being with clarity, courage, confidence and self-awareness as you embark on a new cycle of Spring!

Energetic Healing

In Energetic Healing sessions, I combine my natural gifts with Advanced Pranic Healing techniques, Pranic Psychotherapy and Crystal Healing Therapy to create a holistic and integrated session in bringing well-being and improved health on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level of my clients.

During a session, your aura and chakras will be cleansed, balanced, energised and aligned using different colours and vibrations leaving you feeling uplifted, energized, calm and recharged. Each healing session is tailor-made to suit your needs and the session provides a warm, loving and nurturing space for you to relax, recharge, rejuvenate and heal.

Meditation Workshop

I hold one-on-one and small group meditation workshops where I am able to create and customise the workshops according to your needs and learning style.

The 3-hour one-on-one workshop is a very hands-on, fun and interactive session and we will go through 3-4 different meditation techniques together so you are inspired and motivated to start your own daily meditation practice after you have completed the workshop.

In the workshop, you will learn to tap into your own inner wisdom, connect with your inner child and notice self-healing starting its journey. You will go away with new tools, understanding and knowledge to continue your journey into meditation, self-healing and personal transformation.

I also hold private meditation classes, which can be scheduled weekly to help you develop a regular practice at your own place.


For session appointments, please text/call – 0433 307 733 or email me on ‘youmisunshine@hotmail.com’.

I hold Energetic Healing sessions and Meditation Workshops in the beautiful Eastern Therapies clinic in Bondi Junction on Sundays and Thursdays. Home visits can be arranged in Eastern Suburbs for both Healing session and Meditation class/workshop between Wednesday and Sunday.

Gift certificates are also available for your family and friends. What a beautiful gesture to give the gift of healing for birthdays and special celebrations!

I look forward to connecting with you on your journey to provide you with guiding light and support in your expansion and transformation.

Thank you with infinite love and light xx

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Testimonials from clients:

“Youmi is a ray of sunshine. I first saw her when I was feeling burdened by life and at a crossroads. Within 24 hours of my first visit, my melancholy and confusion had lifted, and at every visit thereafter I felt lighter and more confident and optimistic. Youmi works in a wonderfully caring and supportive way, with great love and sensitivity and compassion. I look forward to my sessions with Youmi in the knowledge that my journey is important to her and that my progress fills her with heartfelt joy. She always embraces me with a lovely hug and a gorgeous smile. She is truly an angel!” – Fran (Medical Practice Manager)

 “I first met Youmi when she was working in a crystal shop. She immediately tuned in to what was happening for me and told me exactly what I needed to hear. I was amazed! It was clear to me that she is a gifted channel and energetic healer and I promptly asked for a healing session.

 The sessions have included chakra and aura cleansing, crystal healing, messages and affirmations from angels and spirit guides as well as past life healing. Youmi has offered me guidance, support and practical tools to help me through daily life. Such is the volume and wealth of information in each session that I often need to take notes afterwards. My sessions with Youmi have enabled me to release much old energy from the past. They have helped me to be more connected with the universe, my own spirituality and the energy around me. The healings have also helped me to accept myself and to allow love into my life.

 Youmi is a gifted channel and healer of high integrity who is dedicated to being a clear channel for her clients which I find inspiring. She is generous with her gifts and knowledge and radiates warmth, positivity, love and light. I would like to offer a heartfelt thank you to Youmi for the work she has done with me. I highly recommend anyone with the inclination to book a session with Youmi.” – John (Social Worker)

 “Youmi has been instrumental in my journey of self-discovery and provided me with guidance when I was feeling lost. She has empowered me with self-belief and self-confidence and provided me with a deeper understanding of my abilities and self worth. Her healings have given me clarity and inner peace. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of my spirituality. I am thankful to have crossed paths with Youmi. Thank you again for all that you have done for me.” – Hai (Lawyer)

 “I contacted Youmi at a particularly difficult time in my life. I was going through massive upheaval in my personal and professional life, and as a result, was experiencing great amounts of stress and anxiety. I had never sought the help of a healer before, but I am so glad that I did. With the help of Youmi’s healing, support and encouragement, I have been able to gain control of my life again and find a sense of peace and balance.

At the beginning of our first session, Youmi attentively listened as I explained what was going on in my life and why I sought her help. Even though I had only met Youmi very briefly once before, she did not feel like a stranger. I felt more like I was talking to a close friend whom I could trust and who could provide gentle and encouraging advice and insight. After this initial talk, Youmi began the healing process. It was an hour which I could dedicate to myself and my own sense of wellbeing without the worries of the outside world. Within the safe and peaceful environment of the practice, I experienced a sense of calm which stayed with me long after the sessions were over. After the healing, Youmi explained in great detail the role of each of my chakras and what state she found them in—providing great insight into why I was feeling the way I was. She also explained her process of cleansing, balancing and energising them. Youmi also taught me strategies to maintain this balance and positive energy. I continue these meditative practices in my everyday life when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

I had two one-hour sessions with Youmi and have continued to keep her up to date with my progress. I will continue her healing sessions in the future to maintain the sense of calm and balance that it brings. Her positive energy and constant support and encouragement are truly a blessing. I have recommended Youmi’s sessions to many of my friends and encourage anyone wanting to be re-energised or seeking a sense of calm and overall wellbeing to see her.” – Alanna (PhD Student/Visual Merchandiser)

 “From the first session I was amazed with the difference I felt within myself, I left feeling so light and full of joy, I couldn’t stop smiling! I definitely gain a lot of clarity from our sessions and your warm wisdom. I feel so blessed to have met such a beautiful person! Thanks for everything.” – Perri (Hairdresser)

 “I had two sessions of Tarot/Intuitive readings with Youmi in the past few months and it has been a very intriguing and motivating experience. As she flipped each card, she spoke of the messages by connecting with my guides. She talked about an episode of my past life which was affecting my present life. By doing this she was able to perfectly describe my current situation, my weaknesses and my strengths and provided me with a course of action. She is very insightful and also spoke of what is in store for the future. Youmi has such loving energy and she presents each message in a beautifully positive way.” – MH (Acupuncturist/Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner)

 “Instantly I was drawn to meet Youmi. Our connection was very real and very powerful. She has a presence of a guardian angel and I felt I had to speak to her and book in a session with her immediately. Her kind eyes and spiritual aura drew me to her. In my session she helped me with deep emotional issues I was feeling at the time. She helped to clear my chakras and aligned me with her amazing energy. I could feel the difference immediately. It left me with the peace, trust and understanding I needed. She helped me to remember who I am. I feel Youmi has this special gift and she is the most beautiful being and spiritual healer I have ever met. My experience has helped me to grow and I have learned how to heal. I feel honoured to have met her and privileged to have been touch by an angel.” – Sharina (Massage Therapist) 

“Youmi is one of the most gifted healer that I’ve encountered in a long time, with her treatment I have re-discovered who I was, who I am and who I want to be. She has unlocked hidden doors that I’ve unknowingly locked myself in for centuries, which cause me to repeat the same error over and over again. Like a bird stuck in a cage and hoping one day to be free. With the help of Youmi’s healing I have released all my past lifetimes of pain, sorrow also dimmer my protection magnesium barrage that I’ve created for myself so any unwanted emotions wouldn’t be able to cross the threshold. When Youmi aligned my chakras, I felt for the first time that I am truly free, that I wanted to be here and experience what life has to offer and live in the NOW, because that is all we have. So I’m truly grateful for Youmi for helping to remember that I AM ME.” – Ann (Retail Manager)