Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang can be used through all three trimesters and in the postpartum months after birth.


First Trimester: women who tend to be cold, weak, low energy, poor appetite, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath with weakness of Spleen Qi and possible dampness. Women with these symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy may be prone to spotting, cramping, loose stool, threatened or habitual miscarriage, coldness, prolapse, haemarroids and varicose veins.

Second Trimester: if the previous conditions are not addressed in the first trimester, they will worsen.  BZYQT can be used for irritable uterus, uterine contractions and bleeding, premature thinning or shortening of the cervix and even for low-lying placenta discovered during ultrasound. BZYQT can be used to help the placenta grow in an ascending direction and avoid caesarean due to low implantation.

Third Trimester: exhaustion, prolapse, spotting with low back pain, coldness in lumbar area or abdomen or contractions threatening premature labour.

Immediate Post-partum: fatigue, or weakness following long labour, poor appetite, deep colness, loose stool, prolapse and pain due to extended second phase of labour.

Blood loss: use BZYQT for 2 or more cups of blood lost during delivery to rebuild qi and restore blood. Can be used with Si Wu Tang. For extended lochia (vaginal discharge) or spontaneous bleeding.

Other uses during and after pregnancy:

  • Women with history of long and heavy menses, loose stools, prolapse, history of miscarriage or premature birth
  • Women who are exhausted, weak, pale, unable to exercise without losing breath easily
  • Pregnant women working in high output jobs, standing, carrying
  • Women with young children and trying to fall pregnant/during pregnancy

From the The Mayway Mailer Spring 2009