The last 3 of the 9 Healing Factors are all spiritual which emphasizes the importance of our mental health and wellbeing!


7. Embracing Social Support.

Being open to receiving love both in physical and mental is equally important.

When we are surrounded by loved ones or even our pets, the feeling of being loved releases a flood of potent Oxytocin. This does not only makes us feel better emotionally but also strengthens our immune systems significantly. Along with physical touch, like hugging, cuddling, or even just a hand on someone’s shoulder can help the body heal itself.


8. Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Spiritual connections may mean something different for everyone. Spirituality can be in a form of an experience, universal love, mindfulness (stopping the mind), or other ways.

The relationship with physical and spiritual is that the more you meditate, the more virus anti-bodies you produce.


9. Having Strong Reasons for Living

Being motivated during healing processes is important to continue taking steps in the correct direction. Having strong reasons for living and the things that keep the motivations going includes a deep unquestioning conviction and excitement for life.

It is also important for us to accept and recognize the fact that our mind leads our body and not the other way around.


Hope everyone has enjoyed this mini-series!