Dear yogis, it’s time to register for the next Yogabirth couples workshop Saturday May 26 2012 2-5pm. This workshop is designed to compliment the hospital classes.
Bring along dads and other support people so they can feel more useful and learn some practical skills to support you in birth.
We will practice
• positions for labour
• massage
• acupressure
• breathing techniques
• vocal toning
• visualization
• relaxation.

You’ll feel relaxed and better prepared for birth. See Katja’s testimonial below, baby Samuel was born 29th November 2011
Cost $150 per couple. Where? At the MBY yoga studio Ferguson St Maroubra Junction next to curves gym.

To register reply to this email and for more information please check my website below
Maureen Finemore
Midwife/Yoga Teacher
0400 534 534

Dear Maureen

I found your yoga class extremely helpful during my whole pregnancy and as birth preparation. I must say I did not expect to get into as much as I did as I have done some yoga in the past but it never clicked. Some points that were standing out for me:

– your sat class where the dads can come along: this was extremely helpful for Mark but also for me as kind of reassurance that he knows what we are in for
– during the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy when I stopped work, I was actually doing your yoga class every second morning at home; I used it as preparation and relaxation tool and I kind of miss it now.
– in early labour I used positions such as on my fours circling around and also child’s pose on the floor leaning against the bed. at times Mark was massaging my lower back which was soooo good!
– I actually gave birth in the pool so I did not really use any yoga positions there – HOWEVER – all the breathing techniques you taught me were a life saver!!! I could really use my deep breathing and it was also helpful when Mark reminded me every now and then to do so. I did not expected it to work like this and the result was a natural water birth!

So I guess in short the partner participation, the relaxation of the yoga and the breathing were my key points 😉

OK the milkbar is on request again.

See you soon