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At Eastern Therapies, we offer traditional infertility acupuncture to couples struggling with fertility and IVF treatments. We offer specialist treatments focusing on women’s health and all stages of pregnancy. We understand the importance of improving physical and emotional health, and balancing the hormone and endocrine systems, so our fertility acupuncture treatments focus on improving your chances of conceiving naturally or having a successful pregnancy through IVF.

The benefits of acupuncture

Infertility acupuncture has been shown to regulate the menstrual cycle, improve sperm count and motility, reduce stress and anxiety associated with infertility, improve blood flow to the uterus, balance hormones and endocrine systems, and decrease the chance of miscarriage. Our holistic approach to infertility acupuncture involves taking the complete picture into consideration, meaning we promote a positive and relaxed state of mind, which lowers stress and boosts fertility.

Fertility-focused acupuncture in The Rocks

Our fertility acupuncture treatment packages include a broad range of specific, targeted programs, including IVF support, pre and post embryo transfer programs, and male and fertility programs. Click here to see the full range of packages on our IVF page.

The female fertility program supports women who want to conceive naturally and involves an initial consultation and 12 sessions over a period of three months. The male fertility program involves an initial consultation and 10-12 acupuncture sessions, with the option to add herbal medicine for a period of three months.  We also offer fertility support treatments, such as IUI, ovulation tracking, post-laproscopy, PCOS, and amenorrhea.

Supporting the IVF process 

At our Bondi Junction clinic, we offer IVF acupuncture in association with Monash IVF. We can increase responsiveness to fertility medication, relax and calm you during treatment, and minimise the side effects of drugs. Treatments vary from person to person, so we take into consideration several factors like age, number of failed IVF cycles, hormonal balance, ovarian reserve, number of years trying to conceive, and general state of your health. Infertility acupuncture treatments may vary from weekly to fortnightly depending on the severity of the infertility and the chosen program. 

Get in touch to discuss what’s best for you

At Eastern Therapies, we understand the emotional and physical strain that comes with infertility and IVF treatments.  Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of starting or expanding your family through natural conception or IVF. To learn more about how acupuncture can help with your unique situation, contact our friendly team now. 

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