In our stressful and hectic Sydney life where we spend all our energy chasing dreams, white picket fences, ‘the perfect life’, good health is now something we can add to the never-ending list of ‘must haves’.

In order to attain it we try pilates, acupuncture, yoga, go to a nutritionist use a personal trainer, join a gym, learn to meditate – this list is also endless and ironically, exhausting! I think incorporating any one or a combination of these is definitely needed to assist us in managing and soothing our way through life. But what boggles my mind, is why counselling is the thing that people try only when they hit a crisis point in their life. It is never something that people use as part of their overall quest for health and well being.

I could speculate for hours as to why this is so? But if I had to take a stab at the why? I would say that few of us really understand the relationship between the body and mind.
We have plenty of physical issues; obesity, infertility, aches, pains… we think that by improving our physical bodies through better diet, exercise and stress reducing therapies we will rid ourselves of all of this and eliminate the mind chatter, when in fact, the opposite is true. Whilst good eating and exercise definitely helps what is important to really know is that; it is the mind that governs the body and not the other way around. The way we experience the world is through the mind. When we experience constant stress, anxiety or inexplicable pain it is the core beliefs and patterns that stem from the mind that we need to unlock and release.

When I developed my business “My Prana Portal”, my main purpose was to help assist people heal by using a combination of psychology, ancient Indian oil healing, breathing, meditation techniques and therapies so that people become conscious of the patterns, beliefs and thoughts in the mind that keep them from feeling healthy, being themselves and living their own life.

“Good health should never be a goal; we should not chase it like we do all the other must haves! Instead, good health is a natural consequence of consciousness, curious enquiry and living a life of authenticity, dare I say it’s secondary to all that. No other therapy pushes us into this realm more than holistic counselling; something to think about!”
By Avanti Singh
Psychologist and therapist
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