September 1st marked the official advent of the Australian Spring season.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is the time when the energy stored from winter hibernation explodes out into fresh growth.  We can see this all around us in the form of blossoming flowers and fresh leaves on the few deciduous trees that grace Sydney’s streetscapes.

We can also feel this movement in ourselves as a time of renewed motivation to move, create, and plan for our futures.

The Spring season is associated with the Wood element and the Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridians.  In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is considered the General of the Armed Forces, the one who creates the plan for action, while the Gallbladder is the one to take action on the plans.  The physical Liver organ and meridian store and circulate the blood through the body.

Healthy Liver and Gallbladder characteristics manifest as someone who is goal oriented but flexible and able to take action with ease to achieve their plans.  Their blood and fluid circulation is good, and their emotions are smooth.

Emotional instability, anger and frustration, drinking alcohol, eating excessive amounts of meat, and poor exercise habits can all do harm to the Liver, either by causing it to become stagnant or deficient. People with Liver problems may feel them more acutely in the Spring!

This is a great time of year to renew your motivations and create some change.

Dream, Plan, Move, Create!

Enjoy your spring!