Hannah Hempenstall has been practicing reflexology since 1999 and brings a deeply nurturing vibe to her practice. Specialising in maternity reflexology, Hannah also offers general reflexology, blissful massage and Reiki. Hannah joins us from 7 January and will be available every Tuesday from 8am to 8pm.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that works on pressure points of the feet to improve general well-being. By targeting each pressure point, a reflexology session helps to detox the blood, improve circulation and assist with relaxation. When you are deeply relaxed, innate healing is able to occur.

Pre-conception Reflexology

Regular reflexology during pre-conception can assist with balancing the hormones and helping the body and mind get ready for pregnancy. By stimulating the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tube reflex points, energy is able to flow more freely. When energy is flowing and the body and mind are relaxed, our stress levels decrease allowing our hormones to work at a more optimal level.

Antenatal Reflexology

During the second and third trimester there are physical implications that can be greatly eased with regular reflexology. Antenatal reflexology can assist with panic attacks; morning sickness; mood swings; insomnia; heartburn; headaches; fluid retention and more. Reflexology is proven to assist with relaxation and can reduce labour time by hours1.


Postnatal Reflexology

After the birth of your child, life takes an incredible new turn that can be overwhelming. Postnatal reflexology can assist with post-natal depression; piles; third day blues; exhaustion; mastitis; difficulty breastfeeding; sub involution of the uterus; painful urination and general well-being.


Book in for 1hr reflexology, massage or Reiki and receive 30 minutes extra FREE! Only 5 spots available each week so don’t miss out – book today!


1 hour           $95

1.5 hours      $130

½ hour          $65

Health fund rebates

To make a booking contact Hannah on 0450288244 or Hannah.hempenstall@gmail.com